Places, Traces + Marks
New work by Wendy Morosoff Smith, Heather Aston, Sharole Brown and Gail Fromson
Dundarave Print Workshop + Gallery
1640 Johnston St., Granville Island
Vancouver, BC
September 12 – October 2, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15 from 6 – 9 pm
Artists strive to make sense of the world around them by making images that record and interpret their journeys of observation and experience. In this exhibition four artists working in the medium of printmaking explore the reciprocal relationship between the external; journey and place and the internal; memory and emotion.
Feeding the Hungry Ghosts
New offerings by Wendy Morosoff Smith
Dundarave Print Workshop & Gallery
1640 Johnston St., Granville Island
Vancouver, BC
September 8 – 28, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, September 12 from 7 – 9 pm
The making of offerings is commonly regarded as a means of expressing gratitude but it can also be a ritualistic system of evoking protection or appeasement.
For this new body of work I’ve referenced the Buddhist tradition of placing seven offering bowls on an altar each day, with each bowl containing a particular offering that is believed to manifest specific properties. The bowl becomes the receptacle to give and receive blessings of drinking water, flowers, perfume, bathing water, food, incense and light that, in this temporary, perishable world, honour each day and brings our full attention to life.
See more of this series
Feeding the Hungry Ghosts 2014
In Wait
Burnaby Art Gallery
6344 Deer Lake Ave
Burnaby, BC
September 5 to November 9, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 4 from 7 to 9 pm
The evening will feature opening remarks, followed by a reception in the Fireside Room.
Our Full Circle Art Collective’s three year collaborative In Wait project is being exhibited in the main gallery at the BAG. The upper gallery will feature individual work by the seven artists.
In Wait is a visual collaboration by seven members of The Full Circle Art Collective and is a contemplative response to the artists’ personal experiences and the shared communal psyche as they examined an ordinary part of life: the ubiquitous act of waiting. Heather Aston, Jocelyn Barrable-Segal, Hannamari Jalovaara, Julie McIntyre, Milos Jones, Wendy Morosoff Smith and Rina Pita.
Full Circle Art Collective: Collaborative Print Workshop
Sunday, September 28, 12 noon – 3:30pm at the Burnaby Art Gallery
Inspired by Full Circle Art Collective’s In Wait project, and led by two of the artists, participants will have the opportunity to explore collaborate art making in this print workshop. All supplies included. Register through the BAG to reserve your spot. Ages 16 and up.
Printing with Texture Workshop at MISSA
June 30 to July 4, 2014
What an exciting week at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts with a dozen different workshops going on all over the beautiful Pearson College campus. I had a great class of keeners who filled the biology lab turned print studio with amazing prints. It was wonderful to share the collagraph printing technique with the ‘Press Gang!’
MISSA 2014
The Space Between
More print collaborations by Wendy Morosoff Smith and Hannamari Jalovaara.
The 17 new collagraph monotypes have been mounted on wood boxes and varnished.
The Gallery at Hycroft
1489 McRae Avenue (Just east of 16th and Granville)
Vancouver, BC
February 5 to March 3, 2014
Opening reception: Wed February 5 from 6:30 to 8 pm
Note: Additional viewing times, other than the opening reception, can be arranged by appointment through the Hycroft office at 604.731.4661.
The Space Between 2014
The ACT Maple Ridge Art Gallery
11944 Haney Place (at the east end of Memorial Peace Park)
Maple Ridge, BC
February 15 to March 15, 2014
Opening reception: Sat February 15 from 2 to 4 pm
Artist talk and video presentation: Sat February 22 from 1 to 2:30pm
In Wait 2014
After three years of collaborating with 6 other members of the Full Circle Art Collective, we are so excited to be launching the first exhibition of our “In Wait” project. Over 200 mixed media pieces will be on display at the ACT in Maple Ridge, weaving together seven stories of waiting. This extraordinary project is a contemplative response to our personal experiences and the shared communal psyche as we have examined an ordinary part of life: the ubiquitous act of waiting.
Printing with Texture
Collagraph and Carborundum Printmaking Workshop
June 30 to July 4, 2014
at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts
Pearson College Dr
Victoria, BC
Printing with Texture 2014
Students will explore this unique and creative approach to printmaking and produce richly textured and embossed images on paper. Learning how to use the tools and materials required to create collagraph and carborundum plates, participants will work on their composition with the instructor and print single and multiple plates using a manual press. This course is suitable as an introduction to printmaking or for print artists who want to learn a new technique.
Do it. It’ll be fun!
$495 plus $65 course supplies
The Space Between
New print collaborations by Wendy Morosoff Smith & Hannamari Jalovaara.
Dundarave Print Workshop & Gallery
1640 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Vancouver, BC
September 24 to October 20, 2013
Opening reception: Thursday, September 26 from 6 to 8 pm.
The Space Between 2013
Hannamari Jalovaara and I collaborated on this project, working together on the plates, and printing layers of imagery. We used the medium of printmaking to explore and visually express the transient moment between thoughts, actions and ideas, where what exists is in the process of becoming something else. It was an exciting collaboration and we are thrilled to exhibit the resulting prints.
In Wait
The In Wait project is nearly completed. The seven members of the Full Circle Art Collective have been working on the 200 mixed media pieces for 3 years. They will be shown at the Maple Ridge Art Gallery from February 15 to March 15, 2014. Each artist created 10 pieces on their own as well as working collaboratively on pieces with the other six artists. The 9 pieces below are my individual works. Each is 12″ × 12″ mounted on a wooden box.
The literary magazine ‘Room’ published an article on our project in their June 2013 (PDF) issue on collaboration.
In Wait (2013)
where encounters happen and discoveries are made
Intersections 2013 Invitation
Despite the diversity of imagery, subject matter, methodology and technique used by the eight artists of the Full Circle Art Collective, a remarkable cross-over of shared themes and iconographies is made visible in the wide visual spectrum of this exhibition.
In addition, accompanying written clues suggest conceptual associations that may evoke and inspire a deciphering of meanings, enticing the viewers to engage in a creative dialogue with each of the works.
With this exhibition of images and words, the artists propose to read images as though they were words and to read words as though they were images. A simple manner, perhaps, highlighting that any given meaning can not be trapped in a frame, and that its inherent quality is always subject to particular yet unpredictable associations.
In printmaking, images unfold over time with a seemingly infinite number of choices available at every stage. The process is both meditative and systematic, precise as well as interactive. As Hannamari Jalovaara states: “In this transient moment of intersection, art offers a place where the intangible meets form.”
Intersections 2013
Printing with Texture
A 2-day Collagraph & Carborundum Printmaking Workshop
Instructor: Wendy Morosoff Smith
Sat. July 20 & Sun. July 21, 2013
10 am to 4 pm
This two day workshop will explore two unique approaches to printmaking. A collagraph is a print made from a collage of a variety of materials glued together onto a plate. Participants will also learn to use carborundum to produce a richly textured and embossed image. Students will prepare, create and print their own plates in consultation with the instructor. This workshop is suitable as an introduction to printmaking or for artists who want to learn a new process.
Course fee: $165. + tax
Additional $25. in class fee for materials.
Please contact Wendy for more info or to enroll.
Fractured Landscape
Intersections, a group exhibition of works on paper by the Full Circle Art Collective was at the Surrey Arts Centre from Nov 24, 2012 to Feb 17, 2013.
The Beacon News wrote a review that captures the essence of the show.
Intersections 2012
Grade Three Monotype Classes
For the past couple of years I’ve been teaching ‘Memory Landscape’ Monotype Workshops to the Grade three classes at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. The students are so enthusiastic, it is a joy to watch them discover printmaking.
Teaching at West Point Grey Academy
In Wait
I’m working on an exciting project with the Full Circle Art Collective called “In Wait”. Inspired by the story of Penelope in Homer’s Odyssey, we have been working collaboratively on approximately 200 12" x 12" multimedia pieces.
The story
In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope, wife of Odysseus, finds herself besieged by suitors during her husband’s long absence. In order to avoid making a decision regarding matrimony, she announces she must weave a shroud before she can wed again. Penelope weaves during the day and unravels her work during the night, thus never completing the shroud and allowing her to find a resolution in waiting.
The project is a contemplative response to our personal experiences and the shared communal psyche as we have examined an ordinary part of life: the ubiquitous act of waiting. The artists have worked on these images individually and collaboratively as the majority of these works have been passed on to others to complete. During the 18 months that we have been working on this project we have created almost 200 images!
We hope to be exhibiting these works in 2013/2014. Check back for dates and gallery locations.
In Wait
Form & Formation
New print work by Wendy Morosoff Smith, Barb Snyder & Lone Tratt
Aug 30 – Sept 25, 2011
Dundarave Print Gallery
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
Dundarave Print Gallery: Form & Formation 2011
The works in this exhibition of original prints on paper by three accomplished BC artists are studies of form and line created by natural forces. Each artist uses personal imagery to convey a complex array of natural forms linked by organic line and repeated pattern. Barb Snyder captures the intricate traces described by flocks of birds in her etchings and digital prints, Wendy Morosoff Smith’s monotypes follow the coastal changes created by the movement of the tides, Lone Tratt also uses the monotype process to explore ancient sandstone structures etched by water and time.
Offerings & Observations
A solo show of print assemblages by Wendy Morosoff Smith
March 2 – 27, 2011
Dundarave Print Gallery
1640 Johnston St.
Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
Opening Reception: Fri. March 4 from 6 to 9 pm
Dundarave Print Gallery
Whether it is the perfect lotus that I spotted in a crumbling pot on the side of the road in Cambodia or the dragonflies dancing over a dry prairie field, this new work honours those moments that, just for an instant, delighted and amazed me and made me stop and say thank you. Drawing on imagery from recent travels to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, as well as travels closer to home I’ve created a series of 10" × 10" print assemblages on wood panels using printmaking techniques including etching, collagraph, monotype and carborundum printing.
Print assemblages on wood panels
2010 Eastside Culture Crawl
Drop by studio #10 at the William Clark Studios and say hello.
Fri. Nov. 26 5pm to 10pm,
Sat. Nov. 27 11am to 6pm,
Sun. Nov. 28 11am to 6pm.
Out with the old and in with the new!
During the Culture Crawl (see dates above) I’ll be having a studio sale to make room for some new work. If you’ve been considering purchasing a piece for yourself or as a gift, this is the time to do it!
Full Circle Art Collective
I am proud to be a member of the recently formed Full Circle Art Collective, a group of 11 artists whose mandate is to create and promote the contemporary original art of the collective members, to facilitate opportunities for the public to view and purchase our art, as well as engage in social responsibility by donating a percentage of our sales to charity. Check us out at
2009 Eastside Culture Crawl
Please stop by the William Clark Studios where I’ll be exhibiting my work during the Crawl. My sister, Jeina Morosoff will be there with some very interesting new creations and Zed Payne will have some whimsical wonderful surprises. She makes cookies too.
Fri. Nov. 20 5pm to 10pm,
Sat. Nov. 21 11am to 6pm,
Sun. Nov. 22 11am to 6pm.
Three Exhibitions in Japan
My original prints were shown in three exhibitions in Yokohama, Japan from May through September 2009. The exhibitions, organized by the Shin-Yokohama Printmakers Association, featured the work of artists from around the world. By all accounts the shows were a success and the Japanese organizers were so gracious and lovely to work with.
Printmaking — Traditional and Contemporary Techniques by Ann D’Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris
My carborundum print “The Whispering of the Grasses” was published in a new hard covered book by British authors and educators Ann D’Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon-Morris. They approached me last year to ask if they could use my work as an example of a carborundum print. It’s a wonderful book that explains, step by step, old and new printmaking techniques. It features artists from around the globe who specialize in each technique. I was happy to see my old friend, Manuel Lau profiled under the Lithography section.
2008 Eastside Culture Crawl
I will be in the Eastside Culture Crawl this year at William Clark Studios (1310 William St. at Clarke, Vancouver). Please stop by and say hello and check out my new work.
Fri. Nov. 21 5pm to 10pm,
Sat. Nov. 22 11am to 6pm,
Sun. Nov. 23 11am to 6pm.
15 Years. 15 Style Makers. 15 Artists
In celebration of their 15 year anniversary, Art Interiors, Toronto invited 15 Canadian “style makers” to each choose one piece of artwork to be in their anniversary show entitled “15 Years. 15 Style Makers. 15 Artists”. Suzanne Dimma, the new editor of Canadian House & Home magazine selected my monotype “Of Earth & Rain”. Other style makers included Brian Gluckstein, Candace Olsen, Chris Hyndman, Jane Lockhart, Matt Davis, Samantha Pynn, Sarah Richardson and Steven Sabados. The show ran from September to October 2008.
Of Earth & Rain
“I tend to connect with work that has a tactile, organic sense. This piece feels elemental, raw, fluid. It takes us out of our day-to-day experience and reminds us of the awesome power and simple beauty of nature. It puts me in my place.”
Suzanne Dimma
Editor, Canadian House & Home magazine
February 2008
I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the majestic Angkor Wat temples and surrounding ruins in Cambodia. It was a visual feast of crumbling stone ruins, golden temples at sunrise, celestial dancers, eery stone faces staring into the forest in all directions, floating villages, jungle and spice. I developed a great admiration for the sincerity and grace of the Cambodian people who are so amazingly resilient after all that they and their country have been through. I was inspired and moved — and couldn’t wait to get into my studio and begin to draw on the imagery and emotions evoked by this journey.
Trip to Cambodia in February 2008
Charity Fundraisers
I’ve chosen several charity fundraisers to donate artwork to this year. All are worthy causes and I wish them the best.
Hannah’s Heroes Foundation. April 2008. To raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer.
Open Studio 100 Prints. May 2008. Annual fundraiser for Open Studio Print Studio, Toronto.
A Loving Spoonful “Project Empty Bowl”. June 12, 2008. Providing food and support for people living with AIDS.
Unite With Art. June 21, 2008. To benefit UNICEF Canada’s Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS campaign.
Instructor: Wendy Morosoff Smith
at the Malaspina Printmakers Studio, Granville Island, Vancouver.
4 Wednesday evenings from 7 – 10 pm
Nov. 21 – Dec. 12, 2007
This 4 evening course will explore two unique approaches to printmaking. A collagraph is a print made from a collage of a variety of materials glued together onto a plate. Participants will also use carborundum (silicon carbide) to produce richly textured and embossed images. Wendy will demonstrate techniques and instruct participants on how to use the tools and materials required to prepare, create and print their own prints.
Malaspina Member fee: $120.
Non-member fee: $150.
For more information please call Malaspina Printmakers at (604) 688-1827 or email Wendy.
Destinations: Real or Imagined
If you are passing through the Toronto Pearson Airport, Terminal 1 check out Wendy’s print work in the group show Destinations: Real or Imagined at the Airspace Gallery, from December 1, 2007 to April 13, 2008.
Jacana Gallery
Water Dance and The Tide Transformed Everything
Stop by the Jacana Gallery in Vancouver to see new paintings inspired by the sea.
Open Studio’s 100 Prints
Wendy has donated “Fragmented Journey”, a 22" × 16" monotype to Open Studio in Toronto for their annual fundraising event to be held May 16, 2007. Go to for more info.
Fragmented Journey
Malaspina Printmakers’ 101 Prints
Malaspina Printmakers Society’s biennial fundraiser will be held on April 26, 2007 at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. Tickets are $250. and you are guaranteed to leave with an original print worth well over the ticket price. Wendy has donated a monotype to the event. Go to or call 604.688.1827 for more info.
The colours and textures of exotic Thailand are bound to turn up in Wendy’s new work. Watch for paintings and original prints inspired by Wendy’s trip to a small island in Thailand in February 2007.
Trip to Thailand in February 2008
Printers & Painters
Oct. 5–27, 2006 at the Jacana Gallery
Jacana Gallery artists who work in both the mediums of printmaking and painting will be featured. Look for Wendy’s new paintings and prints. Please join us for the opening reception on Sat. Oct. 7 from 2–5pm. Jacana Gallery, 2435 Granville St. (just north of Broadway), Vancouver. Call 604.879.9306 for more details.
Jacana Gallery
Art for Life
Sun. Oct. 15, 2006
One of Wendy’s paintings will be up for auction at this year’s “Art For Life” benefit. Proceeds go to “Friends For Life” so you can donate to a worthy cause, and go home with a piece of artwork! For more info call 604.682.5992 or go to There will be a Preview Show of all of the artwork that will be in the auction at auto/ONE and the arthouse gallery at 1755 W. 3rd Ave., Vanc. from Sept 11–16.
Here & Away
Apr. 18 – May 14, 2006
A curated group exhibition by 30 Canadian printmakers at the Malaspina Printmakers Gallery, 1555 Duranleau St., Granville Island, Vancouver, BC. Opening reception: Thurs. April 20 from 7–9pm.
Carborundum Printmaking Workshop
Sat. March 11 & Sun. March 12, 2006 at Malaspina Printmakers Studio, Vancouver, BC
In this two day workshop Wendy instructed participants on how to create richly textured original prints using the carborundum technique. Please contact Carol Nymark at the Malaspina Printmakers Studio for more info. (604) 688-1827 or email
Landscapes of the Dead
Feb. 8–18, 2006
Wendy’s images were used in the set design of the Solo Collective Theatre’s production of “Landscapes of the Dead” at Performance Works on Granville Island. Artwork by artists involved in this production were displayed at Performance Works from Feb. 8–18.
The Informed Earth
Feb. 9 – March 3, 2006
Original prints by Wendy Morosoff Smith, Ann McCall and Linda Blix at the Open Studio Print Sales Gallery in Toronto.
2005 Eastside Culture Crawl
Nov. 18, 19 & 20
William Street Studios (William & Clarke) for the 2005 Crawl.
Art for Life
A large framed monotype by Wendy Morosoff Smith was one of the pieces of artwork auctioned at this year’s very successful “Art For Life” event. “Art For Life” benefits the “Friends For Life” society which supports people with life-threatening illnesses. The auction was held Oct. 2, 2005 at the Four Season's Hotel in Vancouver. Check out for more info.
Ernst & Young
One of the most supportive collectors of Canadian art, recently purchased 4 original prints by Wendy through Open Studio in Toronto. “Fractured Landscape”, “Mysterious Murmurs That Rise From Within”, “From Within and Without” and “Images of Timeless Places II” are now included in the Ernst & Young collection.